Lotus Alliance

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The Lotus Alliance flag

ragons of the White Lotus

“I see you favor the white lotus gambit. Not many still cling to the ancient ways.”
“Those who do can always find a friend.”
“Then let us play.”
“Welcome, Brother. The White Lotus opens wide to those who know her secrets.”
— Members of the White Lotus

Current members of the Lotus Alliance

The Order of the White Lotus is an ancient secret society that transcends the boundaries of the competing nations, seeking philosophy, beauty and truth. They are devoted to the sharing of ancient knowledge across national and political divides. Formed centuries ago by the wisest scholars from all over the world, the Order began as a club where these ancient masters could challenge one another on the Pai Sho table. They derived their name from the White Lotus tile used in Pai Sho, a key element in their strategy. They communicate membership through the game by placing Pai Sho tiles on the board in a specific manner that identifies themselves to other members of the society – a bloomed Lotus bud with the Lotus chip in the center.
The White Lotus was a independent group that made claim to no territory, until the Fellowship of the Imperial Order began down a road of hate and conquest, began forcing the Lotus to take action. The Imperial Order had begun to conquer all the other factions in The Land of Fire, spreading their message of hate and religious intolerance, until the controlled the entire main island.

The only two independent factions controlled the other islands off the south-eastern side of the archipelago. The white lotus, composed of brilliant strategist and master benders, came to these two factions and proposed an alliance to combat the aggressive advance of the Order. The two nations agreed and the three organizations came together, becoming the Dragons of the White Lotus. Two brilliant firebender generals were chosen to lead the newly formed Lotus Alliance, Hiruzen Sarutobi and High General Reibesch. The alliance made their capitol at the huge mountain fortress of Taku City. It would be at this city the alliance would show the Order that they were a force to be reckoned with. High General Zu Ten of the Imperial Order would lead a larger force by ship across the strait and attempt to siege the city. The defenders were able to route and defeat the invading force, but their leader Hiruzen would later die from his wounds. Reibesch would take over command and promote General Zimmer. Reibesch vowed to watch over Hiruzen’s son Jaraiya. Unknown to either of the men Jaraiya would be discovered at the age of 16 to be Avatar Jaraiya, the next reincarnation of The Avatar. Jaraiya would spend five years learning about the duties of the Avatar from the Fire Sages, spiritual leaders of the White Lotus whose duty it is to serve and guide the Avatar. After five years Jaraiya and a group of skilled adventurers he befriended would lead the alliance against the tyranny of the Order. The war would break out in earnest as the Air Nomads, led by Monk Arhat would join the Lotus Alliance as the Imperial Order begins its siege on the Southern Air Temple.


Lotus Alliance

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